• Vanilla Glazed • Chocolate Ganache • Cinnamon Sugar with Cream Cheese Frosting • Pumpkin Cheesecake with Maple Frosting • Pastry Cream with Ganache • Peach with Balsamic Glaze • Concord Grape Glaze with Chèvre Buttercream and Walnuts • Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel.    | Peach, gingered coconut.    | Blueberry, white chocolate.     | Concord grape, chèvre buttercream, walnut.  | Pumpkin cheesecake filled, maple glaze.    | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese buttercream.  | Chocolate ganache.      | Vanilla glaze    


Blueberry cheesecake filled.     | Peach, almond, honey.     | Blackberry, lemon, pistachio.      | Espresso, ganache.       | Blueberry, cinnamon sugar.    | Chocolate ganache.       | Cinnamon sugar,  cream cheese.     | Vanilla glazed  

Wednesday sept 2nd

The shop will be closed tomorrow due to family illness. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you on Thursday. Thank you  

Thursday Aug 27th

Blackberry glazed, Cannoli filled.      | Blueberry cinnamon sugar.      | Peach glaze, almond & honey.      | Strawberry glaze, chocolate ganache.    | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese.     | Chocolate ganache.     | Vanilla glaze  

August 22nd

Blueberry, cinnamon sugar    | lemon curd filled, pistachio cookie     | peach, pecan, honey      | peanut butter cup      | strawberry, lemon n’ lavender      | cinnamon sugar, cream cheese    | chocolate ganache       | vanilla glaze  

We will be closed beginning Sunday August 2nd and reopen August 12th.

Last Week of July

Peach cheesecake filled      | Blackberry glaze, ginger buttercream     | Blueberry glaze, Cinnamon Sugar    | Maple Custard filled, Almond streusel      | Strawberry glaze, pecan oat crumb      | Chocolate ganache   | Cinnamon Sugar        | Vanilla glaze      

Friday July 24

Blueberry glaze, cinnamon sugar. | Strawberry lavender glaze, roasted almonds.   | Lemon cream filled, Blackberry glaze, lemon sugar.  | Maple glaze, spiced pecans.      | Salt & Spice caramel.     | Chocolate ganache.    | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese.    | Vanilla glaze  

Wednesday June 8th

Strawberry, dark choc ganache.       | Coconut, Honey, Lime.        | Maple Cinnamon.         | Lemon, Almond, Honey.        | Blackberry, Cream cheese buttercream, Lemon.  | Cinnamon sugar.      | Chocolate ganache.    | Vanilla glaze