First week of July

Strawberry, ganache.     | Orange, basil sugar.       | Lemon, almond, honey.    | Coconut, Lime.        | Maple, cinnamon sugar.     | Cream filled, blackberry, mint sugar.     | Chocolate ganache.     | Cinnamon sugar.        | Vanilla glaze  

Thurs June 25th

Coconut & ganache.      | Cream filled, blackberry glaze, mint sugar.       | Maple cinnamon.        | Lemon, almond, honey.            | Strawberry glaze, orange sugar.        | Espresso cream filled, ganache.         | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese buttercream.    …

Week of June 17th

  Vanilla glaze       | Chocolate ganache (milk or dark)     | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese buttercream    | Lemon cream pie (filled).       | Cannoli (filled).       | Coconut & ganache.      | Salted caramel.        | Strawberry & almond oat streusel.    …

First week of June

Vanilla glazed.        | Chocolate ganache.          | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese buttercream.     | Orange coconut.        | Lemon, almond, honey.          | Salted Caramel.        | Strawberry, chocolate ganache.      | Peanut butter cup (filled).        |…

Week of Ampril 22nd

Apple, butterscotch, candied walnut.     | Sugared Lemon cream.       | Chocolate ganache, coconut, coconut glaze.           | Cinnamon sugared, orange, ganache.       | Strawberry Lavender.        | Cinnamon Sugar, Cream cheese butter cream..       | Ganache (Milk or Dark).           | Vanilla Glaze    

Week of April 15th

Orange glaze, almonds.     | Coconut glaze, toasted coconut, ganache.        | Strawberry & Lavender glaze.            | Apple filled, cinnamon sugar, honey butter.        | Nutella mousse, espresso glaze.     | Mojito.   | Chocolate ganache      | Cinnamon Sugar, cream cheese buttercream…

Week of Easter -closed sunday

Pastry cream filled, chocolate ganache.   | Apple pie filled, butterscotch glaze.       | Peanut butter cup.   (Filled)       | Orange glazed, peanuts, chocolate.        | Strawberry glaze, almonds.          | Nutella cream, espresso glaze.    (Filled)       | Vanilla glaze    …

Week of March 17th

Carmelized banana cream, butterscotch (filled) Apple, golden raisin, streusel (filled) Maple Bacon (weekday only) Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese buttercream Chocolate ganache Vanilla glazed    

Week of feb 4th

Lemon curd, strawberry, lavender.     | PB mousse, ganache. “Nutella” mousse, espresso glaze.      | “Almond Joy”.       | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese.     | Chocolate ganache.    | Vanilla glaze  

Week of Feb 25th

Cinnamon pastry cream, cinnamon sugar.      | Coconut & Chocolate.       | Strawberry & Lavender.      | Apple filled & Maple ( wed & thurs only).      | Chocolate ganache.    | Cinnamon sugar & cream cheese frosting     | Vanilla glazed