Current menu

Blueberry basil. | Mojito (lime, mint, cream) | Plum, spiced frosting | Strawberry, balsamic. | Honey, graham crust, orange sugar | Lemon, streusel, honey | Nutella cream filled, dark chocolate | Salted caramel. | Chocolate ganache. | Classic glazed. | Vanilla bean frosted. | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese frosted. |

February Menu

Maple glaze, roasted almonds       | Honey glaze, berry drizzle.       | Molasses glaze, oat streusel, orange sugar      | Apple Cider glaze, Cranberry        | Sweet potato glaze, candied pecan, cream cheese   | Salted Caramel       | Chocolate mousse filled,  cherry glaze     | Chocolate ganache       …

Closed New Years Day

New Menu

Coffee custard cream, cinnamon orange sugar.           | Sweet Potato glaze, pecan oat crumb.          | Grapefruit & Honey.        | Salted Carmel.          | Citrus curd, Cranberry glaze.             | Maple glaze, graham,  candied walnut.        | Cinnamon Sugar, cream cheese.       | Chocolate ganache.          | Vanilla Glaze.          |

Closed for Thanksgiving and Black Friday

We will re-open Saturday at 7am, please place a preorder if you wish to guarantee receiving donuts.

Saturday Morning

Peach glaze, cinnamon buttercream.        | Blackberry & Lemon glaze.        | Cranberry glaze, candied walnut.       | Salted Caramel.    | Honey glaze, graham crust, orange sugar.      | Nutella mousse, dark ganache.      | Sweet potato cheesecake, maple glaze.      | Chocolate ganache.  …

Morning menu

Pumpkin cheesecake filled.      | Nutella mousse filled, espresso glaze.     | Apple pie filled, cider glaze.     | Peach glaze, butter pecan, caramel.    | Blackberry glaze, lemon drizzle.      | Clover honey glaze, graham, orange sugar.   | Chocolate ganache.   | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese.    | Classic…

Thursdays menu

Lemon curd filled, lavender glaze.       | Concord grape, white chocolate.        | Peach, Nut streusel.      | Blackberry, lemon.       | Espresso glaze, ganache.     | Chai glaze, orange & cinnamon sugar.    | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese.       | Chocolate ganache.    …

• Vanilla Glazed • Chocolate Ganache • Cinnamon Sugar with Cream Cheese Frosting • Pumpkin Cheesecake with Maple Frosting • Pastry Cream with Ganache • Peach with Balsamic Glaze • Concord Grape Glaze with Chèvre Buttercream and Walnuts • Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel.    | Peach, gingered coconut.    | Blueberry, white chocolate.     | Concord grape, chèvre buttercream, walnut.  | Pumpkin cheesecake filled, maple glaze.    | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese buttercream.  | Chocolate ganache.      | Vanilla glaze