Current menu

Pastry cream filled.   | Apple filled.    | Cannoli.    | Sweet potato pie.      | Vanilla glazed     | Chocolate ganache     | Cinnamon Sugar     |    

First week of January

Chocolate mousse.     | Citrus cream, berry glaze.       | Molasses glaze, pecan streusel.     | Mexican chocolate ganache.       | Cinnamon Sugar, Cream cheese buttercream.   | Chocolate Ganache.     | Vanilla glaze    

Weekend flavors

Pastry cream, ganache.      | Cannoli cream.       | Peanut butter mousse.     | Lemon curd, lemon sugar.      | Orange glazed, almond, ganache.     | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese frosting.     | Chocolate ganache.     | Vanilla glazed      

Babies and a down week

We will be closed during the week for family additions. Stay tuned for weekend details. Thank you for the support      

Wednesday dec 3rd

Pastry cream, ganache.   | Peanut butter mousse, sugar dusted.  | Apple pie, salted caramel.   | Orange, almond, ganache.   | Cinnamon sugar.     | Chocolate ganache.     | Vanilla glazed

Friday’s menu

Apple pie, Streusel.        | Pastry Cream,   chocolate.     | Bacon, Caramel, spiced pecans.    | Pumpkin filled, vanilla frosting.     | Cranberry Mousse, Orange, Pistachio.   | Vanilla glazed.    | Chocolate ganache.     | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese frosting.   | Chocolate donut pudding

Weekend of 22nd

Pastry Cream & Chocolate    | Pumpkin Cheesecake.      | Bacon, Caramel, Cashew.   | Cranberry Mousse & Honey butter.   | Chocolate ganache.   | Cinnamon Sugar, Cream cheese buttercream | Vanilla Glazed.   | Cinnamon sugar donut pudding  

Week of Nov. 12th

Pumpkin pie, honey butter, candied walnut. | Cranberry Mousse, orange, almond.  | Peanut butter mousse, Ganache.  | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese frosting.  | Chocolate Ganache.     | Vanilla glazed.   Subject to additions – Donut bread pudding Friday – Sunday.

Week of Nov 5th

Chocolate covered, pastry cream filled.      | Salted caramel covered, peanut butter mousse filled | Apple pie, white chocolate, almond streusel.  | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese frosting.  | Milk & Dark chocolate ganache.     | Vanilla glazed

Week of oct. 29th

Vanilla glaze.   | Milk & Dark chocolate ganache.           | Cinnamon Sugar, cream cheese frosting.        | Pastry cream filled, Milk or Dark chocolate ganache. | Lemon curd filled, white chocolate buttercream.   | Sweet Potato Pie filled, citrus glaze, streusel.      | Salted Caramel, spiced pecans….