Week of March 17th

Carmelized banana cream, butterscotch (filled) Apple, golden raisin, streusel (filled) Maple Bacon (weekday only) Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese buttercream Chocolate ganache Vanilla glazed    

Week of feb 4th

Lemon curd, strawberry, lavender.     | PB mousse, ganache. “Nutella” mousse, espresso glaze.      | “Almond Joy”.       | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese.     | Chocolate ganache.    | Vanilla glaze  

Week of Feb 25th

Cinnamon pastry cream, cinnamon sugar.      | Coconut & Chocolate.       | Strawberry & Lavender.      | Apple filled & Maple ( wed & thurs only).      | Chocolate ganache.    | Cinnamon sugar & cream cheese frosting     | Vanilla glazed  

Week of Feb. 19th ( closed Wednesday)

Peanut & salted caramel.    | Lemon & Strawberry.     | Apple filled & Maple.     | Orange, pistachio & chocolate.     | Cinnamon sugar & cream cheese.     | Chocolate ganache.    | Vanilla glazed.

Week of Feb 9th

Hazelnut chocolate “Nutella”, banana crisps   | Turtle-  chocolate, peanuts, caramel.   | Strawberry frosted 2 ways ( almond or choc) Vanilla glaze    | Chocolate ganache (Milk or Dark).    | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese buttercream.

Week of January 28th

Apple pie filled, maple glazed.        | PBJ- peanut butter mousse filled, strawberry glaze.  | Coconut milk glaze, toasted coconut, ganache.     | Orange butter glaze, crushed pistachio.        | Cinnamon sugar dusted, Cream cheese frosted.    | Chocolate ganache- Milk or Dark.         | Classic vanilla…

Current menu

Pastry cream filled.   | Apple filled.    | Cannoli.    | Sweet potato pie.      | Vanilla glazed     | Chocolate ganache     | Cinnamon Sugar     |    

First week of January

Chocolate mousse.     | Citrus cream, berry glaze.       | Molasses glaze, pecan streusel.     | Mexican chocolate ganache.       | Cinnamon Sugar, Cream cheese buttercream.   | Chocolate Ganache.     | Vanilla glaze    

Weekend flavors

Pastry cream, ganache.      | Cannoli cream.       | Peanut butter mousse.     | Lemon curd, lemon sugar.      | Orange glazed, almond, ganache.     | Cinnamon sugar, cream cheese frosting.     | Chocolate ganache.     | Vanilla glazed      

Babies and a down week

We will be closed during the week for family additions. Stay tuned for weekend details. Thank you for the support